Network Manager (M1DMR) at the controls while the head
of the department looks on.
Size comparison between fibre
optic without, outer sheath, and
coaxial cable.
Network manager controlling a live broadcast from the
network studio to The Golden West Network in Bunbury
to be broadcast to the northwest of Western Australia via
the Aussat satellite.
Network manager, M1DMR,
at the inter-city control
console with a pre-recorded
lesson being sent to Sydney.
A lecturer preparing a lesson on computing prior to
being sent to the Golden West Network to be broadcast
on terrestrial, and satellite to the north of WA. My son
Adrian, Studio controller can be seen in the background.
Adrian in a lecture theatre, switching cameras, film
or slide projector, and sound, during an inter-campus
video lesson.
A Video Conference from Churchland Campus to
Bunbury Campus.
A local newspaper picture taken during a video link
between the Churchland campus and Northern
A visitor (centre) from Canada, one of many visitors
during the time the network was running.
Another visitor, this time, from Singapore.
Publicity picture - Manager
Video network, and Head of
Department, Media Services.
A Satellite Dish is being set up
to enable a programme from
the TV studio to be beamed to
channel 7 for transmission to
the general public.
Manager (M1DMR) preparing
a lesson with the BBC Computer.
Using BBC ‘Basic’ in 1980