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Portsmouth, A Shattered City

Portsmouth, Between The Wars

Portsmouth, Yesterday and Today

Portsmouth, History In Hiding

Memories Of Portsmouth

More Memories Of Portsmouth

Images Of England, Portsmouth

Bygone Portsmouth

Portsmouth In The 20th Century

Portsmouth In Old Photographs

The Book Of Hilsea

North End, The History

Portsmouth Trolley Buses

Glory Days, The Southdown Bus

The Cinemas Of Portsmouth

In Defence Of The Realm

Portsmouth, Past & Present

The Good Old Days

Maritime City, Portsmouth 1945-2005

A History And Celebration

Battle Over Portsmouth

A Portrait Of Portsmouth

Memories Of Marylebone

Cinemas & Theatres Of Portsmouth

The Pubs Of Portsmouth

Portsmouth Transport

War-torn Portsmouth, Then, After, and  Now

Maritime City, Portsmouth 1945-2005

Cinemas and Theatres of Portsmouth

Portsmouth - Then & Now (1)

London’s Lost Route to Portsmouth

Portsmouth At War

Portsmouth Voices, Recollections

History & Guide - Portsmouth

Portsmouth Through Time

Sunny Southsea, Memories Of A Golden Age                       

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Anthony Triggs, Halsgrove

Anthony Triggs, Halsgrove

Anthony Triggs, Halsgrove

Anthony Triggs, Halsgrove

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Portsmouth, A Century Of Change

Portsmouth Panarama

Portsmouth Reflections

Portsmouth Corporation Transport

So You Think You Know Portsmouth

Smitten City, The Portsmouth Blitz

Railway Heritage - Portsmouth

Portsmouth Pictorial Past

Portsmouth Tramways

Fares Please

Portsmouth, Then & Now (2)

Buses & Trams

Portsmouth, 75 Years Of Transport

Lake Allen, Lightening Source UK

John Sadden, The History Press

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The Francis Frith Collection

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The History Of Portsmouth

Memories Of Marylebone

Memories Of Mile End & Rudmore

Memories Of Downtown Portsmouth

Memories Of Lake Road

Memories Of North End and Hilsea

Memories Of Portsea

Memories Of New Road

Memories Of Fratton

Memories Of Wymering & Paulsgrove

Memories Of Copnor

Kingston Road Remembered

Memories Of Arundel Street

Memories Of Old Buckland

Memories Of Charlotte Street

Memories Of Southsea

Somerstown As It Was

Portsmouth WEA Local History Group
















Peter Smith

David Moignard

Ron Brown & Wally Greer

Go To Blazes - The Story Of Firefighting

The History Of North End

Fairdays and Tramways Story Of Cosham

The Kings, Southsea,s Box Of Delights

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Lesley Burton

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