M1DMR Amateur Radio Equipment

Test Equipment

TAYLOR model 127A Mk 3

Dick Smith Electronics(Australia) Model 1143

M1DMR Station on home built console

Kenwood PAL colour test pattern generator

Hewlett Packard model 5326A Timer-Counter

Home brew sinewave generator 15hz - 150Khz

Home brew Millivolt meter 0.5 mV - 50V range

Victor VC3165 High Resolution Counter, 50 Mhz - 2.4 Ghz frequency range
Input A - 100 Hz - 50 Mhz, 1 Mohm.  Input B - 50 Mhz - 2.4 Ghz, 50 ohms

This is a 4 metre band rig by AnyTone, made in China, Model No. AT-5189, Power output from the rig is 25 watts maximum with two lower levels available.The 4m band in the UK is 70.000 - 70.500 Mhz

Antennas. HF - half size G5RV. 2m/70cm W-770HB colinear.  4m Vertical Cirio C-4-68.

Yaesu FT290-RII 2metre all mode  Transceiver with Yaesu FL-2025  Linear attached producing 25 watts output

Alinco DX-SR8, all mode HF tranceiver. Outputs 100w, 10w or 1w,

Purchased from Nevada, in Portsmouth.

Nevada, Amateur Radio supplies and service

Nissei SWR/Power Meter Model RX-203
1.8-200 Mhz,  switchable 2/20/200 watts
LDG Electronics AL-100 Autotuner
Also from Nevada
MyDEL Precision SWR & Power Meter - SWR-006,
with dual sensors, 1.8 - 160mhz & 140 - 525 mhz
Purchased from Martin Lynch & Sons
DM25 Digital Meter

Baofeng Handheld Model UV-5RC Plus.  Output Power 5w/1w on 2 metres & 70 cms, plus receive FM radio band etc.

AR Radio Handbook,
Second Edition, 1939
Power Supply
My first home computer system (1975 vintage)
IBM computer with dual floppy disc units and a dot matrix printer.
Software was the Microsoft MS-DOS system, and Microsoft GW- Basic
was used for writing programmes.