My Other Interests

PHOTOGRAPHY - I first got interested in photography, as

well as radio and electronics at the age of 11, when I took

photographs followed by developing and printing. When I

was called up for National Service in 1954, I was given an

IQ test which was five points short of my entering Sandhurst Officer Training. I was given the chance of becoming an army photographer. I passed the course.

RADIO- My radio interest sparked to life when my dad gave me several copies of Wireless Constructor which had been bound between hard covers, and loads of components plus 2 volt heater valves. On a visit to a government surplus shop in Lake Road, Portsmouth, I spotted a three valve baseboard built radio, after walking round the shop about six times I plucked up the courage to ask the price, the reply was, how much have you got, I told the shop manager that I had only got sixpence, he took some time to say that’s how much it is!