Ecunet locations

A number of areas were identified on each campus to provide full interactivity, although all lecture rooms and theatres were capable of receiving a one way signal via the CCTV networks, making up over 300 outlets. Those areas capable of full interactive transmission were on each site.

• a large lecture theatre

• a smaller lecture room

• a conference room

Other special areas were:

• Two television studios (Churchlands/Mount Lawley)

• One room capable of taking a small tutorial group (Churchlands)

• One Graduate Management Centre (Churchlands)

Total -16 fully interactive areas all with fully installed equipment.

Future plans were:

• A new video conferencing centre at Joondaiup (1994)

• Microwave system fitted to an Outside Broadcast van (1993)

• Links to Claremont campus, and the new Conference Centre (1993/4)

(After Mike Grant, 1992)