Highlights of the first two years


A series of ten lectures on new information technologies broadcast from the Mount Lawley studio live via the Golden West Network to all non metropolitan areas of the state - a cooperative venture between the University's Media Studies Department and the Media Services Division. An 008 phone number allowed viewers to phone in with questions to the lecturer.

A television transmission to Noonkenbah Aboriginal Community. One way video and two way audio from Mount Lawley campus studio. Wives and children from the community who were in Perth to attend a conference spoke with members of the community in Noonkenbah.


A UNE (Orange campus) ECU (Bunbury campus) live both way tutorial given to 10 UNE students in Bunbury.

A live broadcast via a 12 watt transponder to the rest of the state of a lecture given by Professor Odille Challe from the University of Paris, Dauphine from the Mount Lawley Campus lecture theatre, which incorporated live pictures of mini-tel, the French telematics system which were accessed and operated from the lecture theatre by Professor Challe.

One hundred and sixty four hours of narrow cast via the Westlink projects 12 watt transponder to Broome, Derby, Kununurra, Esperance, Narrogin, Geraldton one way video two way audio, and 50 hours of compressed transmission to Kununurra. Topics included computer studies, nursing, professional development.

A video conference linking 33 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia with Aboriginal groups and individuals from the Mount Lawley Conference Room - Perth.

(After Mike Grant, 1992)