Subjects covered

There can be little doubt that video conferencing is a very successful way of communicating information which needs to have a person interface (in contrast to the passing of data between parties via a computer screen). In a teaching situation there are few subjects that could not be taught both effectively and efficiently.

In the first year of operation of the Edith Cowan Network the following subjects were successfully taught.

Nursing - Particularly professional development courses

Business Studies - Accounting and Law

Media Studies, Justice Studies

Education - Particularly professional development short courses

Computer Studies - Linked also to interactive computer operation and dialogue

Library Studies, Mathematics

We believed also that studies such as languages and art were all suited to the methodology. Added to this administrative and other uses have included:

Heads of Departments and Faculty meetings, Interviews, Staff in service, Union meetings.

The Final Years

In succeeding years, in fact right up to the final year (1997), The Psychology department was by far the biggest user of the network, linking the Joondalup campus with the Bunbury campus.

Live Broadcasts

Many live broadcasts including a weekly Science Magazine style programme and a Computer Studies programme using the Macintosh computer system were broadcast in school term time. Another programme, Sports Medicine, was telecast in the evening primetime, via the Golden West Network terrestrial in the south west, as well as via satellite to the north west of Western Australia. All of the live broadcasts used live phone-in capability.

All intercampus lectures used one-way video, and two way sound which allowed students on the remote campus to ask the lecturer a question.