The Arundel Street Precinct

Arundel Street runs from Commercial Road Precinct at the western end to Fratton Road at the eastern end. The Arundel Street Precinct is a shopping area at the Commercial Road Precinct end.     

The area now depicts Portsmouth's literary and engineering past with seats dedicated to various writers and engineers. There are many extracts from writers, and well known people with connections with Portsmouth. The extracts are written into sections of the walk ways in the precinct, and the trees are flood lit at night.

The blue section in this picture is to remind us of the origins of Arundel Street. Arundel Street gets it's name from the Portsmouth to Arundel canal, which finished where the LDB later Allders was eventually built. Canal Walk still follows the path of the old waterway to Locksway Road, which leads to the old locks at Milton. In 1817, a plan was drawn up to link Portsmouth with London via the Thames, Wey, and Arun Canals. The first section opened in 1822, the rest was planned for the next year. There was a grand opening on May 26th 1823. The Portsmouth to Arundel Canal only endured for 60 years before it was finally filled in, because by the 1880s the railway had come to town, and part of the canal cutting was used to carry the tracks, being the part between just east of the Portsmouth and Southsea station and Fratton. The rest of the canal was filled in eventually to form Goldsmith Avenue.

Looking east toward Commercial Road, the glass sided store at the end of Arundel Street, is Debenhams Department Store.

These banners were printed using the designs submitted by school children.

A view further back, showing Wilkinsons and Mecca Bingo hall.

The Jessops photographic emporium.

Jessops closed in 2012, and is now an

on line store

A very well established business, U-Need-Us, on the corner of Slindon Street, that leads to the central post office, and the Royal Mail sorting offices.

From Commercial Road looking east into Arundel Street with the Silver Jubilee fountain in the foreground.