Bailey & Whites, Mile End, in 1966. Established in 1899

Mile End Cemetery collonade, in 1957. Established in 1831, which  was converted to Mile End Gardens, and later incorporated into the Continental Ferryport.

Harrow Stores, Commercial Road, shown here in 1971 shortly before demolition. This was the original site of Pinks on the ground floor and

a secondary school which was to become the Southern Grammar School.

Mile End Post Office in 1971, before its closure, for re-development.

Opposite All Saints Church, the Royal Hospital, opened in 1922, the site is now occupied by Sainsbury's Supermarket.

Prospect Road, Mile End, with the Osborne Hotel on the side nearest the camera, and the Sailors Return on the right, pictured in 1963.

Early Commercial Road, and Lake Road, before re-development
Church Street, with All Saints Church on the right hand side
prior to demolition. The church was saved from demolition.
Nelson Road is on the extreme the right, the shop on the corner
of Nelson Road was “J. Parham & Sons”, furniture removers.
The Country House, on the corner of commercial Road
and Church Street

Ben Grubb, government surplus stores, in the 1960s

Early Lake Road
Part of Lake Road in 1910
Part of Lake Road ready for demolition showing
Express Radio etc. Lake Road was getting ready
for re-development