Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio has been around since the late 19th

century, and experimenters were trying to achieve

longer and longer distances using spark transmitters,

and later keying a radio frequency on and off with a

Morse key.

Guglielmo Marconi sowed the seeds for Amateur Radio

in the early 1900's

The amateur call sign was introduced in 1910, originally

only three letters were used. In 1913 a directory of

around 700 licensed (by the Post Office) call signs was

produced, the first call book.

A group calling themselves "The London Wireless Club"

was formed in 1913, which later became the "Radio

Society Of Great Britain". All this before the BBC came

into existence.

Today there are millions of licensed amateurs in all

countries of the world, all with a common interest, to

make an even longer distance communication, making

the hobby both competitive, and satisfying, whether it

be Morse, Sideband, Frequency modulation, Amateur

Television, microwave, data communication, and satellite.