My Audio Recorders
All in perfect working order
FOSTEX D-5 Digital Master Recorder using DAT tapes

Record/Playback response 20Hz-20Khz on D-120 and D-60 tapes
Inputs/Outputs - Left & Right Analogue channels on XLR sockets
Inputs/Outputs - Left & Right Digital channels on XLR sockets
Inputs/Outputs - Left & Right Digital channels on fibre optic sockets
Dynamic Range is higher than 90dB. Sampling frequencies 48Khz or
44.1Kz. Audio input levels switchable +4dBu or -10dBv
GRUNDIG TK146 (1973)

4 track, single speed (9.5cms/sec). The first Grundig recorder
to totally use transistors. This is a monaural recorder.

SONY TC-355 4 track stereo recorder (1975)

Uses up to 18cm spools. Speeds - 19cms/9.5cms/4.8cms per second
The recorder has three heads, erase, record, and play. Frequency
response is 20Hz - 25Kz at 19cms per second speed.
B&O BEOCORD 1200, 4 track stereo recorder. (1972)

Can accommodate spools up to 18cm diameter. Speeds of
19cms/sec with a response of 30Hz-20Khz, 9.5cms/sec with a
response of 40Hz-16Khz
DENON DRM-510 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck

Uses compact cassettes at 4.8mm/sec. Dolby C Noise reduction.
25-18,000 Hz frequency response.
AIWA HD-S1 Digital Audio Tape Recorder (DAT)

Rotating head, tape speed 8.15mm/sec, Records at 48kHz,
44.1Khz, or 32Khz, 16 bit linear. External Analogue to Digital
converter. Frequency response 20Hz to 22Kz, or direct digital
input and output. S/N 85 dB or better, dynamic range 85 dB
or better. Powered by rechargeable 6 volt Gel cell, or mains
pack. Recording time 60 mins or 120 mins depending on tape.
SONY MINI-DISC MZ-R30, Portable mini-disc Recorder.

Records on 65mm optical discs. Record time 74 min stereo or
148 min monaural. Sampling rate 44.1 kHz, frequency response
20 - 20,000 Hz +/- 3dB. Wow and flutter below measurable
limit. Inputs - analogue microphone, and stereo line I, or
optical fibre cable stereo input.
A few Early Tape Recorders
John Bannister with the first Tape Recorder,
a 1948 Baird recorder.
A Brenell 3 speed, priced at 58 Gns
A Collaro 3 speed, 4 track tape deck for home
constructors. It was a two way deck.
A monthly magazine, amateur tape recording.
A portable, professional tape machine. One of the
first to be used by the BBC.