Early Audio Recorders (March 1960)
"Amateur Tape Recording" dated 
March 1960, the 'bible' for those 
interested in home sound recording.
Jack Hawkins, the film star, is
shown on the cover with a Grundig 
TK20 Tape Recorder.
One of the first recorders was  the     
Baird (1948), shown here with 
John Bannister.
These tape recorders used quarter inch magnetic tape running at
19cms, 9.5cms, or 4.8cms per second
This is the Elpico Geloso model 
G.256 priced at 26 guineas
The Elpico model TR400 was
priced at 26 guineas
This was the Brenell stereo
model that was priced at
89 guineas.
This is the Ferrograph 808 that
is a stereo machine, and was
considered to be an advanced
model also used by the BBC.

This machine was priced at
105 guineas.
This is a Collaro Tape Recorder deck for home constructors
to build their own tape recorder. It was a 3 speed unit.
At the end of a side of tape, it was only a matter of stopping
the tape, and then pressing a right hand button to continue
in the opposite direction.